Your Gifts in Action

One of the most rewarding aspects of giving to the HaysMed Foundation is knowing your gift helps care for your family, friends, and community. One-hundred percent of every gift is used to enhance healthcare services available in western Kansas. There are so many ways that donors make a difference at HaysMed and help us provide the highest quality healthcare for our region. Gifts come in all sizes and impact every area of HaysMed. Here are a few examples of your gifts in action this year.

CPR Mannequins

Two new training simulators, known as Resusci Anne Mannequins, were purchased in response to updated American Heart Association (AHA) training guidelines that require practice and testing to be performed with audio and/or visual feedback for optimal quality and timing. A recent study reported a 25% increase in survival when staff are trained with equipment that provides accurate and realistic feedback. The two mannequins are in the simulation lab at Fort Hays State University which is a collaboration between HaysMed and FHSU allowing current healthcare professionals and students to have access to the best modern facilities for training and certification.

Tranquility Room

In the midst of the challenges for healthcare providers, the tranquility room was created to offer a space where providers can go, even for a few minutes, to relax and recharge. The room is an immersive relaxation space filled with soothing sounds, dim lighting, and a comfortable chair.

Body Composition Scales

Body composition scales provide a more detailed glimpse into a person’s health compared to a simple weight scale. HaysMed’s Weight Loss Solution program uses aspects such as body fat, muscle mass, protein mass, and metabolic rate which are helpful measurements for weight loss and fitness programs.

Breast Care Center Nurse Navigator

When someone diagnosed with breast cancer enters the HaysMed Breast Care Center they will receive excellent care from our entire team. In addition to a caring team, they also receive individualized care from our dedicated nurse navigator. She is there to guide patients through the health care system to ensure they receive seamless, coordinated care, along with any other necessary support services. The nurse navigator is a constant, familiar nurse who is always there to answer questions, reinforce patient education, and ease anxiety. This position is partially funded by a generous donation.

Holiday Lights

The holiday season is a great time to visit HaysMed to tour
the illuminated campus. New displays are added thanks to
donations from HaysMed leadership team members.

Patient Resource Guides

Newly diagnosed cancer patients can be overwhelmed with details of their diagnosis and treatment plans. HaysMed’s Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute (DSCI) patients now receive a series of personalized Patient Resource Guides to help them navigate their journey. The guides are specially customized for each patient and include information about their individual diagnosis and treatment plan and ways to manage their overall health, nutrition, and side effects. The guides also include photos of their medical team, driving directions, campus maps, and other details about our facilities and programs. This series empowers each patient with messages of hope, as well as information for advocacy and support groups during treatment and survivorship.

Neurocognitive Testing for Concussion Injuries

HaysMed Athletic Trainer Jensen Scheele administers a balance test.

Concussions are a major health concern for high school athletes. Through the generosity of donors to the Foundation, trauma manager Cammie Townley and HaysMed’s athletic trainers continued the free baseline screenings in Ellis and Rush Counties. The program was spearheaded by HaysMed surgeon Dr. Jerod Grove, to give area healthcare providers a better benchmark for evaluating athletes in the event of a head injury.

Free Drive-thru Flu Vaccinations

Thanks to generous donations from the community and many volunteers from HaysMed, Fort Hays State University, and North Central Kansas Technical College, a free drivethru flu vaccination event celebrated its 22nd year. The event provided more than 2,890 flu vaccines to people six months old or older. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an annual flu shot is the best way to reduce the chances that you will get seasonal flu and spread it to others.

SANE Clinical Training

Donations from the region funded a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) clinical training to help western Kansas communities develop and maintain SANE services closer to home. Without this training, it would not be uncommon for victims to travel long distances for SANE services.

Kids Quest 2021

In its ninth year, Kids Quest 2021 had 281 kids participate. This is a free summer program that encourages children to stay active in the summer. The 14-week program is offered by The Center for Health Improvement and supported by donations to the HaysMed Foundation, along with prizes from area businesses.

Healer’s Touch Sculpture

The Rock Garden Café Atrium is home to a new display honoring nurses who have been recognized with the prestigious Daisy Award. The award is part of a national program that recognizes extraordinary nursing care. The new area features a large handcrafted soapstone sculpture entitled, The Healer’s Touch and a display featuring the names of HaysMed’s Daisy Award winners.

Outlet Upgrades and Charging Cords

Through Foundation funding, HaysMed continues to upgrade power outlets to include USB ports throughout the facility. The USB ports allow for more convenient charging of electronic devices. The upgraded power outlets, in addition to free 3-in-1 charging cords, help patients and families stay connected.

Continuing Eduation and Scholarships

The HaysMed Foundation provides scholarships for the benefit of healthcare in the region.

Continuing education is essential to keep staff updated on the ever-changing healthcare field. Generous donations support education through a wide variety of sources, including university classes, conferences, seminars, and online study.