The View From Here

Our cover story photos are just one snapshot of the outpouring of support HaysMed has receivedduring the current COVID-19 healthcare challenge. Community members and local businesses have provided meals, masks, financial gifts, and words of encouragement that assist our front-line associates as they continue providing the very best in care and support to our community.

We talk a lot about our front-line people. This includes the hundreds of associates whose job it is to care for patients, screen folks at the entrances, keep technology working, provide clean and functioning facilities, keep materials coming in, provide food service, and so much more at HaysMed. As a supporter in our more than 20 county service area, you have an opportunity to be part of that response as well. Visit to see ways you can help by reducing your risk of infection, by providing resources for the three critical areas identified as for our local COVID-19 response, or by sharing a few words of support for the front-line workers who make sure we all stay safe. While you’re on our new site, we encourage you to see the many other stories and resources available there. If you prefer to make a gift in support of our local COVID-19 response by mail, we’ve included an envelope and instructions in this newsletter.

I’d like to conclude by introducing our two newest board members at the HaysMed Foundation. Annette Yost joins the board as a representative of the HaysMed Volunteers, on whose board she also serves. Annette brings a wealth of front-line, compassionate experience to the board from her career as a nurse and her years as a volunteer. We’d also like to welcome Pat Parke back to the HaysMed Foundation Board. Pat is a past board member who has continued his involvement over the years as an active member of our directors emeritus. We look forward to the perspective and leadership Annette and Pat will provide as we continue to provide vital philanthropic support to help fund life-saving equipment, special projects, and programs for HaysMed that will positively impact the health of our region.