The View from Here

From Executive Director Jeff Brull, Spring 2020

I’ve had opportunity to have careers in a number of different industries like education, sales, and healthcare. I can’t help but notice things that are unique to healthcare, and other things that tend to be universal across industry lines.

Perhaps the biggest difference I’ve noticed are the tight regulations surrounding every detail of providing healthcare. The reasons for the heavy regulation are, of course, not without merit. At a facility here decisions affecting life and health are constant, it makes sense to remove opportunity for any variables that could result in a negative outcome. This means constant education, training, and certification of all associates. It also means having reliable and up-to-date equipment to take advantage of changing standards of care. It’s not unlike your cell phone. A great many people, myself included, carry a phone that is no more than a few years old. When you upgrade after just two or three years, it is amazing how much faster and how many more capabilities of which the new technology is capable. Now imagine that piece of equipment in your pocket bears a $200,000 or $2 million price tag. These numbers are not out of the realm of reality for much of the upgraded equipment required to take the best care of our friends and neighbors. In order to keep pace and provide the best care possible, HaysMed continuously invests in the necessary tools.

No matter the industry, however, the greatest asset to an organization is its people. I recently received notice of the upcoming HaysMed Service Award Banquet, in which associates are honored for their dedication to making HaysMed the best it can be. As I glanced down the list of honorees, it was not unusual to see folks that have made a career at HaysMed or its predecessor institutions for 25 or more years in virtually every department. We are fortunate to have so many who show up each day to make others’ lives a little better.

For nearly 25 years the HaysMed Foundation has provided avenues so that anyone can have a positive impact on the tools, the programs, and mostly, the people that continue to make HaysMed a unique place of healing on the plains of Kansas. I’d like to thank you, our benefactors, who continue to make our mission your priority.