The View From Here

Jeff Brull, Executive Director HaysMed Foundation

Growing up in the country, we did not have access to cable television and had only two channels we could reliably watch over the air: CBS and PBS. Of all the things that were televised only once or twice a year, I recall the various circus programs were among my favorites. I enjoyed the big cat tamers and the elephants, of course. The clowns were always good for a laugh, and the acrobats always amazed me. Of all the acts in the circus, though, I think the plate-spinners were my favorite. In this act, a performer would have a dozen or more tall spindles in a row in front of them, and they would take fine dinnerware plates and spin them up to speed so they would balance on the spindles – moving left to right to keep plates spinning at a high enough rate so they wouldn’t come crashing to the ground. Occasionally one would slow down so much it would begin to wobble terribly, and the crowd would gasp.

We feel a bit like plate-spinners here at the Foundation from time to time. It can be exhilarating to sustain the projects that you, our donors, support with your gifts. As I tell every new associate, the Foundation is here to support the people and projects of HaysMed. We are involved in little projects, very big projects, and everything in between. We fund scholarships, continuing education, equipment, construction, patient resources, associate recognition, visitor amenities, community outreach, and so much more. Through your generosity we fill gaps, accelerate timelines, and create opportunities for healing, advancement, and growth.

Currently, we are helping advance the DeBakey Heart Institute’s ability to perform new procedures with our ongoing capital campaign for the hybrid operating room. We’re looking at ways to help address the need for mental health and chemical dependency resources, and we continue to steward endowed and restricted funds entrusted to us by you, our donors. Our goal is always to provide you with a window into the good things happening at HaysMed and provide avenues through which you can support people and projects that mean the most to you. Learn more at Each day there is a Foundation project that makes a difference for one of our patients, guests, or associates. We have you to thank for the ability to positively affect the lives of so many.