The View From Here

One of things I remember vividly from my childhood was when my parents took me to see a local high school production of Fiddler on the Roof. As many of you know, the show’s opening song has a simple, one-word title: Tradition.

The word evokes so much in terms of values, history, family stories, and the desire to continue those stories for generations to come. At no time of year do we celebrate tradition more so than right now.

Last Thanksgiving, my mother gathered her family to share with us objects from our family’s history; traditional items that held a story. Among other items, my mother shared with me the blanket my great-grandparents used to keep warm while traveling by horse and buggy to church on Sundays as well as the nativity set that my great-grandmother displayed so proudly under her tree each Christmas. These are items that tell a story of another time – of the joys and struggles of generations that gave rise to my own family.

Each of us has the desire to see our values continue after we’re no longer able to share these stories ourselves. A lifetime of accomplishment and experience deserves to continue. We owe it to our own peace of mind and to the generations that follow to preserve the things that are important. As we gather with family and friends over the coming weeks, I encourage you to visit with your loved ones about traditions, family values, and the good deeds and organizations with which you’ve become involved in your lifetime. Tell them the “why” so they can do their part to carry your values forward by becoming a part of your story.

As a piece of that process, the HaysMed Foundation has a free guide to help you plan your legacy. I encourage you to request a copy by reaching out to us. In it you’ll find the nuts-and-bolts that will help you build your legacy, continue the traditions entrusted to you, and those that you entrust to your loved-ones. I wish each of you a blessed and joyous holiday season and a safe and healthy new year!