The HaysMed Foundation offers scholarship opportunities made available through the kindness of generous donors. Applicants who wish to take advantage of these opportunities to continue their post-secondary education are required to complete the on-line scholarship application on this page by March 15. Applicants are encouraged to submit letters of reference. Awards will be announced by May 31 to be paid out for the following academic year.

Scholarships available include:

Dr. Bert Anderson Scholarship
Dr. Anderson, a physician from Victoria, KS, established a scholarship fund for students seeking their RN or BSN degree.

Bickle Family Foundation Scholarship
Established by the Bickle Family of Hays, the scholarship is available to all students majoring in Respiratory Therapy.  Applications can be submitted at any time after pre-requisites for Respiratory Therapy are completed. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, references, leadership potential, and career goals.

Harms Family Scholarship
Established by George Harms, Retired HaysMed Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the fund provides scholarships for current HaysMed employees and their children for post-secondary education.

HaysMed Foundation Scholarship
Established by the Foundation Board of Directors, scholarships are available to HaysMed Associates pursuing a post-secondary education.

Norman E. Hull, M.D. Scholarship
Funded by the Hull family, this scholarship is available to a college junior, senior, or higher classification, enrolled in a healthcare major at an accredited four-year college in Kansas.

Dr. Glen and Nada Hutchison Nursing Scholarship
Established through the Hutchison estate, the scholarships are for students majoring in nursing.

Roelfs Scholarship
Established in honor of Mrs. Paul Roelfs of Stockton by her husband, this scholarship is available for students enrolled in a nursing degree program at Fort Hays State University or North Central Kansas Technical College.

Karen Schuvie Scholarship
Established in her memory by her family, the scholarship provides funding for students majoring in a healthcare profession.

Robert Nabholz Endowment for Education in Healthcare
Scholarship is available for students pursuing a career in healthcare. This could include a student pursuing a career in nursing, as a physician, as a lab technician, a career in pharmacy, or any other number of fields that work in an active healthcare facility.

Applicants may want to explore the following and other scholarship opportunities by contacting the following organizations:

  • Fort Hays State University's Judy Folsom Scholarship: Established by the Hays Medical Center Board of Directors in honor of her service as Director of Nursing, the scholarship is for juniors or seniors, accepted into the Fort Hays State University Nursing Program with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Recipients must have graduated from a high school west of US Hwy. 81 and Interstate 135. Applications are available from the Fort Hays State University Financial Assistance Office.
  • Hays Medical Center Volunteers:  The Volunteers have established scholarships which are administered by Fort Hays State University and North Central Kansas Technical College. Applications are available from the respective financial aid departments. Scholarships are awarded based on recommendations from the nursing department, financial need, academic achievement, faculty references, leadership potential, and career goals.
  • Kansas Nursing Student Scholarship Program:  Annually, the Kansas State Board of Regents and sponsoring hospitals jointly fund the Kansas Nursing Student Scholarship Program which offers scholarships for students studying to become registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.  Scholarship amounts may vary due to legislative appropriations..
    • An applicant must be a Kansas resident who has been accepted and is enrolled full time (12 semester hours) in an eligible Kansas post-secondary institution.  Completed applications and associated materials must be submitted to the Kansas Board of Regents. The sponsorship application deadline is May 1.
    • A recipient, after attaining the appropriate licensure as a registered nurse, is required to complete one year of employment at HaysMed for each year awarded the scholarship.  A HaysMed application for the Kansas Nursing Student Scholarship Program must be completed along with an application from the Kansas Board of Regents which can be obtained by contacting the Kansas Board or Regents or online at

Scholarship Application

If you would like to save your progress and continue at a later time, please use the Save and Continue Later link at the bottom of the form. A unique and secure link will be provided to you which you may use for up to 30 days to view your progress and continue working.