New Cardio Strider

Stephanie Schaffer-Howie, Fitness Director, visits with Scotty Schneider as he works out on the Cardio Strider.

The HaysMed Center for Health Improvement is one of the few nationally certified medical fitness centers in Kansas. As such, The Center works closely with healthcare professionals to provide equipment and services that meet the needs of their patients.

Donations to The Center’s Restricted Fund, coupled with a grant from the HaysMed Foundation, were combined to purchase a Cardio Strider to help patients in cardiac and pulmonary rehab, physical therapy and LiveWell programs.

The Cardio Strider quickly became one of the most popular pieces of equipment used by the older adult population. According to one patient, “This machine helps my nerve and muscle coordination better than any machine I have used.” Another patient said, “It works the whole body, love it!”