Little Wonders

HaysMed Continuing Care and Pharmacy Associates work together to discuss resources available to help our patients. Pictured left to right: Dorothy Gideon, Shelbie Brooks, Kim Meier, Danna Krom, and Erin Hobbs.

In Rob Thomas’ 2007 song, Little Wonders, he refers to our lives being made of twists and turns of fate, small hours and little wonders. He alludes to the idea that the little things we experience each day make us who we are. When we think about the work of HaysMed and the HaysMed Foundation, we often think about the big things: multi-million dollar capital campaigns and room-sized pieces of diagnostic and life-saving equipment. It is true that these things are a big part of what the Foundation does, but there are so many Little Wonders that happen every day that can be defining moments to one person or family. Any one of us is one diagnosis away from experiencing a drastic change in our lives.

Patients are able to return to their homes knowing they have the tools they need thanks to this team of healthcare providers and support staff. To ensure patients like these receive the continuity of care required for their recovery once they are no longer in the 24-hour care of HaysMed, multiple departments across the hospital coordinate to take care of these needs. Nursing, Security, Pharmacy, Patient Education, Respiratory Therapy, Occupational and Physical therapy, and Continuing Care are all involved in helping patients with identifying needs and securing resources. All of these departments work closely with the HaysMed Foundation which helps these patients pay for medication, transportation, testing, and equipment. 

Little Wonders 02
The Continuing Care Department recently held a blanket drive and collected 70 comfort care blankets from Associates and friends. This project highlights our willingness to give a little extra to someone who needs it.

The Foundation also provides access to resources for patients at risk of infection to be dismissed with a thermometer to monitor their temperature, a subtle but important predictor of sepsis and septic shock. Handmade comfort care blankets are given to patients at HaysMed to use during their final hours. The blanket is wrapped with a card that reads, “Love wraps itself around the heart like a warm blanket of care.” Donated funds in the care of the HaysMed Foundation, gifted material, and blankets HaysMed Associates and friends make these gifts possible.

You can be a part of making every day Little Wonders by helping fund one trip to a scheduled radiation therapy appointment, one week of medication, one blood screening, or material for one Comfort Care Blanket. It is true that the big things are important, but it is in the daily care provided to each patient and each family in the small things that makes HaysMed a place of healing through respect, compassion, spirituality, trustworthiness, and professionalism.