Jo Murphy’s Extra Dimension of Caring

Jo Murphy

Jo Murphy proudly displays the Norman W. Jeter Humanitarian Award which recognizes exemplary human kindness and dedication to medical excellence.

Volunteers at HaysMed add the extra dimension of caring according to Jo Murphy. And she would know. Jo spent nearly 35 years with wholehearted dedication and pride in being part of that Volunteer team. Jo passed away on May 1, 2019.

Jo began her work in the Hays medical community as a Volunteer, rising quickly to Auxiliary president, employee and retired after XX years as the Director of Volunteer Services. Jo was instrumental in uniting the Volunteers into one team after the merger of Hadley Regional Medical Center and St. Anthony’s, starting the volunteer program for teens, growing the Hadley Art Collection, and engaging Volunteers in vital roles throughout HaysMed just to highlight a few achievements.

HaysMed lost a very special friend, but her extra dimension of caring will live on as her legacy.