In Memory and In Honor

We respectfully recognize the names of family members, friends and HaysMed Associates who have been honored or memorialized through contributions to the HaysMed Foundation March 1, 2023 – May 31, 2023.

Dr. Anthony Accurso

Leona H. Boor*

Harriet Caplan*

Kay Dinkel*

Nathan Emmons*

Robert T. Firestone*

Dennis Flax*

Kenneth J. Giebler*

Cleon W. Heinrich*

Bernice Herrman*

Theresa Klaus*

Darlene Leiker*

Marvin L. Mills*

Larry Newberry*

Chardell Parke*

Dennis Pflaum*

Judy A. Rohr*

Marjorie A. Rome*

Renette L. Saba*

Roy Searls*

Sara A. Stansbury*

Jason Stegman

William E. Thompson*

Barbara West*

Allen Windholz*

Catherine Windholz*

* Deceased