HaysMed has greatly benefited from the generous support of its friends and neighbors. This tradition of caring ensures that HaysMed will be able to provide for future generations.

The following donors have made contributions to the HaysMed Foundation from July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021.

Leadership Level ($5,000+)

Dr. Anthony and Kelsey Accurso

Astra Bank

Don and Chris Bickle

Angelica Bowlby Charitable Trust

Ralph and Ella Bowlby Charitable Trust

The Honorable Robert J. and Elizabeth Dole

Leo J Dreiling and Albina Dreiling Charitable Trust

Glassman Corporation

Hadley Foundation, Inc.

Hays Medical Center Volunteers

RDH Electric, Inc.

Eddie and Ashley Herrman

Innovest Portfolio Solutions, L.L.C.

Lyn and Janis Lee

Dr. Thomas and Debra McDonald

Nex-Tech Wireless, LLC

Nex-Tech, Inc.

RDH Electric, Inc.

Robert E. and Patricia A. Schmidt Foundation

Dr. Charles and Kari Schultz

SizeWise Rentals

Sunflower Bank

University of Kansas Health System

Tim and Sandee Werth

Werth Wealth Advisors, LLC

Cornerstone Level ($2,500 - $5,000)


Myron and Joannah Applequist

Bank of Hays

Commerce Bank

Emprise Bank

George Harms

Health Facilities Group, LLC

Midwest Energy, Inc.

Northwestern Printers, Inc.

Patrick Parke

Platinum Group, LLC

Showcase Jewelers, Ltd.

Terry Siek

Dr. Paul and Jennifer Teget

Vitztum Commercial Flooring, Inc.

Executive Level ($1,000 - $2,499)

Marcy Allenbaugh

Andy and Paula Beck

Kenneth and Barbara Beran

Alan and Regina Borthwick

Jeff and Julie Brull

Brungardt Oil & Leasing, Inc

Gary Chubb and Kathy Mitchell

Crawford Supply Company, Inc.

Sharon Dreher

Brad and Stacy Frickey

Brian and Michelle Frickey

Golden Belt Bank

Hays Chevrolet

Ken and Becky Johnson

Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

Art Karlin

Norman and Marilyn Karlin

Wayne and Karol Kieffer


Curtis and Renee Longpine

Dr. Ernesto Lopez-Corona and Anna Lopez

Lifetime Dental Care

Oborny Repair - Duane Oborny

Dr. Aaron and Brendan Pfeifer

Mike and Marlene Pollock

Kenny and Lien Quan

Rattlesnake Valley Beef

Richard and Florence Roemer Trust

Dr. Kurt and Julie Rider

Jerry and Diane Ruder

William Saba

Daniel and Mary Kay Schippers

Jay and Marsha Scott

Warren and Pamela* Shaffer

St. Nicholas of Myra Church

Bill and Nancy Talbott

Dr. Don and Jil Tillman

Richard and Joan Todd

Shae and Keri Veach

Vitztum Decorating Center

Werth Wealth Management LLC

Dr. Michael and Janna Wright

Director Level ($500 - $999)

Richard Augustine

Tim and Brooke Aziere

Larae Brown

Christopher and Kathleen Brungardt

Drs. Ross Buckles and Heather Harris

Louis Caplan

Cedar Lodge Family Dental

CHS, Inc.

John and Jayne Clarke

Dr. Jeff and Connie Curtis

Deloris Farthing

Van and Darla Froelich

Mark and Jana Fross

Gella's Diner

Horizon Appliance and Electronics

Thomas and Linda Karlin

Wilmer E. Kellogg Living Trust

Greg and LaNae Lang

Larson Engineering Inc

Dr. Kevin and Terri McDonald

Midwestern Pipeworks Inc.

Alan and Lori Moore

Joyce Morgan

Office Depot, Inc.

Lynette Pfannenstiel

Tom and Carol Pitner

Kathleen Quigley

Riedel's Garden Center, Inc.

Craig and Beth Rohleder

Lance and Courtney Smith

Smoky Hill Country Club

Smoky Hill Country Club Women's Golf Association

Dr. Zurab and Dana Tsereteli

Andrew Wilson

Constance Windholz

Blake and Brianna Wolf

Investor Level ($250 - $499)

8th Street Liquor

Lucy M. Baier

Bud and Janet Brack

Mike and Dianna Briney

Aminda Brunner

William Cadoret

Dr. Shari Claude

Jack and Nancy Curtis

Dr. Shanon and Brice Custer

Marilyn Davis

Drs. Max De Carvalho and Raquel De Silva Mendonca

F.G. DeBacker

Jerol and Denise DeBoer

Sean and Lisa Dinkel

Stan and Carol Dreiling

Gavin and Brenda Dykstra

Sonja Ellis

Kiel Emerson

Jude and Lora Gottschalk

Jeremy and Sarah Green

Dr. Jerod and Sharon Grove

Robert and Karen Harvester

Hays Arts Council

Dr. Jeffrey and Kelly Henry

Shari Hertel

Dr. Cody and Hannah Heston

Don and Gretta Hoffman

Scott and Jana Horsfall

Roy and Jayne Inlow

Jeter Law Firm

Kristen Jones

Phyllis Kellerman

Connie Kinderknecht

Joe and Tami Koenigsman

Jim and Luanne Kramer

Clifford and Nancy Kreutzer

Rick and Gail Kuehl

Darlene Leiker

Allen and Maggie Leiker

Lee and Debbie Linenberger

Bill and Tisa Mason

Andy and Joyce Mattison

Drs. Joe and Anne Menendez

Connie Mermis

Rick and Nikki Mihm

Barry and Debra Miller

Stan and Bernus Munsch

R.P. Nixon Operations, Inc.

Kay Patterson

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company

Denise Pfeifer

Dr. Michelle and Jason Pope

Prairie Band Casino & Resort


Regeena's Flowers and Events

James and Kaitlin Robben

Theresa Roe

Catherine Schaukowitch

Laura Schwindt


Simply Charmed

Dr. Jenna and Hale Sloan

Dr. Elizabeth Snyder

Geri Stahl

Stanion Wholesale Electric

Cammie Townley

Dave and Cathy VanDoren

George and Carol Vitztum

Dale Wasinger

Jennifer Weast

Chris and Valerie Wente

Annis Werth

Dr. Darrell and Barbara Werth

Kirk and Gail Werth

Van Witthuhn

Dr. Timothy and Linda Wright

Terry and Cindy Zerfas

Advocate Level ($100 - $249)

A and A Coors, Inc.

Vonda Ackerman

Dr. Michael and Christine Albrecht

Arbor Valley Estates Homeowners Association

Rodney and Robin Armbrister

Dr. Scott and Rachel Atkinson

Auto World

Niki Bartlett

Margie Batson

Christina Baty

Daryl and Corina Beam

Best Western Plus Country Inn and Suites

D.G. and Millie Bickle

Cherie Birkey

Holly Bittel

Ann Boomer

Gerald and Susan Boos

Boot Hill Casino and Resort

Amy Braun

Glenn and Amy Braun

Kaylene Brin PA

Kenny and Rhonda Brown

Robert Brown

Steve Brull

Thomas and Mary Casey

The Center for Health Improvement

Dale and Sherry Chaffin

Dr. Isaac and Jaycee Chambers

Claflin Pump and Supply Inc.

Shawn Clark

Classic Enterprises, Inc.

Commercial Builders

Troy and Debora Cook

Dr. Randy and Karen Cook

Scott and Denise Corsair

Scott and Taryn Crawford

Damar Resources

Delta Dental of Kansas

Joyce Dinges

Kathy Dinkel

Shelby Doty

Downtown Hays Development Corporation

Sarah Dreiling

Dreiling, Bieker and Hoffman LLP

Sara Dunn

Deb Erbert

Luann Evert

Farmers Bank andTrust, N.A.

Kale and Jessica Feldt

Tim and Michele Flax

David Gallentine and Tracy Frickey

Sonya Garrett

T.J. and Megan Gottschalk

Jerry and Karen Gustin

Rosie Hammerschmidt

Roger and Nancy Harman

Keith and Andrea Harmoney

Ron and Teri Hart

Kerry Harwood

Delbert and Mary Hawel

Kathryn Hawkinson

Kelly and Jill Hedlund

Dave and Karen Hendrickson

Darryl and Donna Henry

Mike and Lori Hertel

Nancy Hlavaty

Dr. Ronald and Karla Holweger

Dr. Tim and Angie Hoskins

Virgil Howe

Norman Huber

Kevin and Kathleen Huser

Brian and Melissa Jackson

Danny and Sandy Jacobs

Drs. Pramod Janga and Hema Pamulapati

Joe and Cheryl Jeter

Bill and Nancy Jeter

Jonagan Water Well Service, LLC

Bill and Jeaninne Kaberlein

Norman and Sandy Keller

Jeffery Kirwan

Michael and Diane Kiser

Bob and Tammy Klaus

Patricia Klima

Knighton Oil Company, Inc.

Jessica Koerner

Dr. Joey Koerner

Travis and Susie Kohlrus

Francis J. Kuhn Jr.

Tom and Cathy Kuhn

Kuhn's Diamond Jewelers

Larry and Martha Lambert

Brian and Anne Lang

Lloyd and Lucinda Lazarus

Imogene Leard

Barnaby Lee

Mark and Dora Leiker

Tamra Leiker

Terri Lenser

Brent and Susan Little

Jason Livesay

Ronald and Patricia Loftus

Lisa Lutz

Timothy and Janet Lyle

Leona Madden

Doug and Pat Marrs

Bobby Matter

TR and Susan May

Stan and Pam Mayers

JoDee McCarty

Mark and Patty McCullick

Carol McDonald

Debbie McLaren

Leroy Meis

Carolyn Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Miller

Jenna Miller

Dr. Rob and Megan Miller

David Molstad

Laura Monroe

Jay and Linda Moore

Michael and Peggy Moore

Mike and Rena Morley

Bill and JoAnn Morse

Bonnie Mote

Sherry Muir

Norma Jean Munsch

Mike and Carolyn Newmaster

Bryan and Erika Noone

Kayla North

Paula North

Shawna North

Cheryl Oberle-Ginther

Galen Oelkers

The Oller Law Firm, LLC

P & S Electric and Roustabout Service, Inc.

Paisley Pear Wine Bar Bistro and Market

Drs. Pramod Janga and Hema Pamulapati

Kevin and Korinna Parker

Steve and Julie Paul

Paul-Wertenberger Construction, Inc.

Verlin and Elaine Pfannenstiel

Shad and Lori Post

Connie Potts

Sarah Powers

Lisa Reiter

Shelton and Cheryl Renz

Olive Reynolds

Elsie Richmond

Bill and Paula Robben

Shon and Michelle Robben

Christine Rogers

Ronald Rohlf

Donald Rohr

Doug and Terri Rohr

Sandlin Oil Corporation

Dr. Andrea and Todd Sandoval

Glenda Schaffer

Dustin and Kristy Schlaefli

A.F. and A.K. Schmidt

George Schmidt

Jordon and Anna-Lena Schneider

Mark and Carol Schryer

Bob and Marilyn Schumacher

Mike and Nancy Seib

Greg and Donna Seibel

J Stan and Tommye Sexton

Melvina Sexton

Marjorie Shore

Shane and Stacey Smith

Susan Smith

Michael and Janice Speers

Gertrude Staab

Jerry and Sharon Staab

Jim and Sally Stansbury

Tim and Melissa Stanton

State Farm Insurance

Duane and Shirley Steffen

Kevin and Janelle Sterling

Sternberg Museum of Natural History

Julie Sulzman

Tami Thomas

Caitlin Thornton

TruHome Solutions

The UPS Store 6848

Ken and Melanie Urban

Vanderbilt's Inc.

Dezso and Michelle Vastag

Mike and Lori Vitztum

Klint and Jennifer VonFeldt

James and Mary Lynn Walker

Dr. Steve and Brenda Waring

Steven and Kerry Wasinger

Waymaster Farms Inc.

Gary and Deb Weatherbee

Cory Weber

Chuck and Geralyn Wegener

Robert and Nancy Wertenberger

Dick and Kay Werth

Vincent and Helen Werth

Jim and Susan Werth

Michael White and Family

Ross and Gayla Wichman

Steven and Robin Wiebe

Chris Wilson

Neal and Helen Windholz

William and Janelle Wolf

Lawrence and Louise Younger

Tina Zimmerman

Friends Level - Up to $100

Adams Brown Beran and Ball, Chtd.

Advanced Real Estate

Dale Akers

Michael and Colleen Allen

Matt and Lindsy Allen

Becki Almeida

Wesley and Trudy Alstatt

Amazon Smile

Anhelo Massage and Wellness

Norman and Barbara Anschutz

Robert and Patricia Appel

Darrell Armbruster

Ann Arnold

Randy and Elaine Augustine

Leonard and Cheryl Augustine

Lucy Baier

Jim Baird

Brett Baker

Joan Baker

Rex and Debbie Ball

Wanda Ball

Steven and Sarah Balthazor

Stephanie Banker

Mark and Melanie Bannister

Lillian Basgall

Daniel and Linda Basgall

Pam Basgall

Stan Basgall

Barbara Basinger

John and Sharon Basso

Jared and Ashley Bauck

Lorraine Baughman

Darlene Beaumont

Chuck and Linda Becker

Joe and Linda Becker

Tashia Becker

Charles and Linda Befort

Kim Befort

Wendy Beougher

Jennifer Bethel

Ryan and Brenda Bickle

Tim and Sue Bickle

Larry and Barbara Bieker

Robert and Lori Bieker

Mike and Susie Billinger

Charles and Sylvia Billinger

Ernest and Lilian Binder

Gayla Binder

John T. Bird

Garrah Birdsall

Jaylea Black

Gloria Blackwell

Gregory Blau

Mark A. Blehm, Attorney at Law

Calvin and Sharon Bleske

Tom and Deb Bohm

Boot Hill Distillery

Rod and Karen Borger

Michael and Tamra Bowman

Jessica Boyce

Joyce Brace

Jane Brady

Andrew and Belinda Braun

Francis and Jacquelyn Braun

Kenneth and Yvonne Braun

Samuel and Marilyn Braun

Joan Brighton

Dr. Fred Britten and Lois Britten

Lindsey Broin

J.W. and Jerrie Lea Brooks

Shelbie Brooks

Sharyl Brown

Stacy Brown

Karen Bruggeman

Bertha Brungardt

Bob and Shirley Brungardt

Curtis and Christie Brungardt

Delila Brungardt

Elmer and Patricia Brungardt

James and Erin Brungardt

W. Brungardt

Dennis and Diana Budke

Andrew and Jami Bulloch

Donna Burgess

Brian Butler

Thomas and Jillian Bybee

Cole Calhoun

Richard and Ellen Call

Charles and Dana Carlsen

Wesley Carmichael

Casey's General Store

Larry and Margie Caspers

Richard and Mary Caudill

Karol Chaffee

Janice Chambers

Keith and Patty Chesney

Cla-Mar Oil Company LLC

Jim and Corrine Clark

Becky Claycamp

Bob and Theresa Clemence

John and Emma Cline

Clinkscales Elder Law Practice PA

Janice Cole

Roger Comeau

Carolyn Conwell

DeeDee Cross

Dr. Brandon and Alaina Cunningham

Douglas and Julie Dannhardt

Danny Dinkel & Associates Inc

Daughters of Isabella - Circle 254

C.D Davis

William and Kelly Dean

Gina Deaver

Kali DeBey

Daniel and Betty Debruyne

Brenda Dechant

Kim Dechant

Steven and Mary Kay Dechant

Don and Tania Deets

Defiance Brewing Co.

James and Paula Desbien

Neil and Belinda DeWerff

Shane and Jami Dewey

Michael Gordon Dick and Melissa K Denning-Dick

Ken and Carol Dinges

Bailey Dinkel

Jay and Janea Dinkel

Jeff and Marcia Dinkel

Mary Ann Doerfler

Heath and Cheri Dorzweiler

Mandi Dotts

Mike and Jane Downing

Duane and Sandra Dreasher

Donald Dreese

Cletus and Rose Ann Dreiling

David and Amy Dreiling

Doug and Lindsey Dreiling

Frank and Brenda Dreiling

James Dreiling

John and Patricia Dreiling

John and Carol Dreiling

Leroy Dreiling

Mike and Patty Dreiling

Theresa Dreiling

Tony and Cyndy Dreiling

Patricia L. Dreiling Revocable Trust

Caitlyn Dreitz

Ashley Dronberger

Nadine Dugan

Keith and Renie Eilts

Ellis County Abstract and Title Co., Inc.

Kelly Ellner-Leiker

Leslie Engel

Russell and Doris Estes

Exploration Place

Sharon Feist

Cory and Amy Feldt

Ernest Fell

Lisa Fellers

Herman and Irene Fellhoelter, Jr.

Leland and Carol Fellhoelter

Steve and Tracy Fellhoelter

Field Station: Dinosaurs

Steven and Maureen Fike

Terri Fischer

Jordan Flower

Brian Forinash

Fort Hays State University Foundation

Bill and Kim Foster

Jim and Wanda Fouts

Kevin and Connie Fox

Lori Frederking

Ashly Frenzl

Mary Fritz

Morris and Marie Froelich

Timothy Fugina

Connie Fuson

Danna Gabel

Jeff and Sheryl Gansel

John and Tara Garcia

Eric Gaschler

Kent and Dava Gaschler

Kylie Geist

Annie Gerber

Megan Gerber

Frank and Racquel Gerhardt

John and Donna Gerstner

Ronald and Aimee Gfeller

Julie Giess

W.L. and D.A. Gilchrist

D.J. and B.E. Gilliland

T.J. and Christy Gillogly

Jim and Jan Girvan

Glassman, Bird, Braun and Schwartz L.L.P.

Kenneth  and Sherri Glenn

Paula Gnad

Rod and Maria Goetz

Heidi Gohl

The GoodCoin Foundation

Allen and Treva Goodman

Gorham State Bank

Dale and Cherlyn Gorsky

Todd and Becky Goss

Dale Gottschalk

Emily Gottschalk

Neil and Ann Gottschalk

Randy and Nadine Gottschalk

Richard and Trina Gottschalk

Matt Grabbe

Grater Whey

Douglas and Sue Gray

Virginia Gray

Pamela Gribben

Regina Gronewoller

Diane Gross

Gudenkauf & Malone, Inc.

Fernando Guzman-Soto

Imogene Hagewood

T. Warren Hall

Ronald and Vicki Hallagin

Trey Hamilton

Curtis and Annette Hammeke

Richard and Jane Hansen

Tara Harding

Keith and Kathy Harper

William and Diana Harris

Veronica Hartman

Robert Haymaker

Brian and Kristie Haynes

Hays Recreation Commission

HaysMed Imaging Department

Stephen and Debbie Hazen

Roger and Joyce Heffel

Jacob Helget

Brian Hendricks

Herman Ganoung Jr Rev Living Trust

Ron and Audrey Herold

Sandy Herrman

Hertel Oil Company, LLC

Darlene Hickert

William Hickert

Mary Hickman-Eller

Walter Hill

Justina Hlavaty

Erin Hobbs

Terry and Suzanne Hobbs

Anthony and Christine Hober

Alan and Kay Hoffman

Christine Hoffman

Thomas and Deb Hoffman

Vera Hoffman

Michael Holmes

Heidi Holopirek

Marla Homburg

Shawn Hoss

Lori Hoverson

Jennifer Howard

Tom and Stephanie Howie

Denise Hull Ring

Glenn and Brandy Huser

Insurance Planning, Inc.

Claudine Irwin

Lori Jacobs

Sandra Jacobs

Leigh Jamison

Deloris Janne

Craig and Carla Jecha

Jennie L. Ellner Revocable Trust

Diana Jennings

Anna Marie Johnson

Allison Jones

Myrna Jordan

Judith Ann Tabler Revocable Trust

Tyler Kaiser

Kansas Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.

Darrell and Elsie Karlin

Lisa Karlin

Arlene Keil

Joyce and L. Craig Kerbs

Jennifer Kirk

Becky Kiser

Jeff and Janine Kisner

Donald and Debra Klaus

Janet Klaus

Barry  and Christena Kleweno

Virgie Knoedler

Samuel and Angela Koehn

Dave and Judy Koerner

Don and Lois Koerner

Randy and Wanda Koerner

Lance and Marnie Kohl

Joannie Kollman

Miran Krannawitter

Don and Bonnie Kraus

Ronald Krauss

Thomas Krauss and Andrea Krug Krauss

David and Rose Kreller

Dr. W. Brock and Mary Anne Kretsinger

Sandy Kreutzer

Raymond and Lou Kriley

Paulette Kroeger

Max and Patty Kuhlman

John and Maricel Kuhn

Leon and Colleen Kuhn

Sandra Kuhn

Mike and Patti Lane

Christina Lawver

Leavenworth High School

David and Andrea Leavitt

Mike and Sharolyn Legleiter

Roger Legleiter

Amy Leiker

Randy and Sherry Leiker

Richard and Pamela Leiker

Verlene LeRock

Carey Lewis

Debbie C Linenberger

Harold Linenberger and Wanda Gipson

Ross Linenberger

Andrew Livingston

Virginia Loflin

Jennifer Logsdon

Wayne and Peggy London

Bill and Joanne Longpine

Susan Lorenc

Jim and Sandy Losey

Bev Lowen

Luckyhaus LLC

Linda Lukens

Renee Maday

Crystal Mahan

Patrick and Kala Manley

Jeff and Tara Marshall

Michael and Mary Martin

Martin Mongeau A/B Trust

Gerald and Maxine Maska

Donna Maskus

Master Cleaners

John and Ramona Mayfield

John and Lucinda Mays

Amanda McCall

Thomas and Martha McClelland

Brooke McGann

Scott and Lisa McGrath

Vanessa McKennon

Brenda McMillin

Bertie Meder

Dale and Roberta Meder

Lena Meder

Todd and Kim Meier

Ernie and Kay Melton

Daniel and Rhonda Meyerhoff

Jerry and Renee Michaud

Michael Miles

Chris and Faye Miller

Jackie Miller

Wanda Miller

Lavonne Mishler

Shelly Moeckel

Orville and Jackie Monroe

Dale and Kathy Montgomery

David Montgomery

Betty Moore

Robert Moore

Kerri Morgan

Michelle Moshier

Katelyn Mosshart

James and Shawn Mulkey

Cory and Pam Munsch

Munsch Real Estate & Auction LLC

Bobbie Murphy

John and Judy Murphy

Kevin Myers

Karissa Nelson

Laurence and Catherine Nelson

Ron and Lila Nelson

James and Debbie Nestler

Jim and Deb Nestler

Dale and Marsha Newell

Daniel and Julie Newmaster

W. N. and Carolyn Newton

Ray and Stephanie Niblock

Steven Nilhas

Sue Noll

Mallone Normandin

Troy Normandin

Alison Nuttle

Paul and Wanda Oborny

Deron and Sue O'Connor

Bernadette Oelkers

Rich and Barb Ollenberg

Ed Ostervich

Charlotte Ostrom

Taylor Ottley

Max and Dorothy Owen

Dale and Christie Pacey

Linda Pacey

Ann Parker

Bennett and Marcia Peck

Petro Power

Brian Pfannenstiel

Darin and Laurie Pfannenstiel

Sue Pfannenstiel

Al Pfeifer

Galen and Cathy Pfeifer

Kenneth and Diane Pfeifer

Renee Pfeifer

Bob Pfeifer

Ed and Marcia Pfeiffer

Bob and Nancy Piatt

Robert and Eileen Plante

John and Patricia Pluenneke

Kinsey Post

Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy

Alvin and Bernadine Prosser

Lou Ann Prusa

Jessica Purdy

Crystal Quint

Barbara Deann Raab

Doris Rack

Charles and Kathleen Ramsay

E. J. and Kathleen Randolph

Gordon and Karin Rasmussen

Arthur and Leota Rathbun

D.A. and Diane Reddig

Redding House Account

Wava Reed

John and Ann Reichhardt

Kristy Reincke

Shelton and Cheryl Renz

Resurrection Vineyards

Leah Rhoades

Erin Richmeier

Shelby Richmeier

Lloyd and Karen Riedel

Denise Ring

Debra Rippe

Trevor and Tara Roa

Julie Robben

Robert and Cynthia Robben

Noelle Robinson

Garrett and Melissa Roe

Pete and Terri Rohleder

Brian and Amy Rohr

Ken Rohr

Garret Rome

Roy's Custom Cabinets

Jill Rozean

Casey Rudd

Linda Ruder

Russ and Janel Ruder

Gina Rudman

Robert Rugan

Brandon and Tamara Rummel

Wayne and Leeta Jo Ann Rupke

Andy and Kathy Rupp

Lesly Rupp

Don and Sigrid Rynerson

Ann Saindon

Brad and Alice Sander

Jeanette Sander

Lois Sander

Tyler and Jeanette Sapp

Ron and Vicky Sauer

Greg and Cindy Schaffer

Larry and Annette Schaffer

Danielle Schaus

JoAnn Schauvliege

Mikayla Scheck

Donald and Cristina Scheibler

Kenneth Schepmann

Troy and Geralyn Schippers

Schippers Living Trust

Phil and Brenda Schmeidler

Adolph and Deann Schmidt

Alexia Schmidt

Allen Schmidt

Amanda Schmidt

Jim and Jacque Schmidt

Jennifer Schmidt

Ramon and Kayleen Schmidt

Steve and Jean Schmidt

Tim Schmidt

Jody Schmidtberger

Tom and Ann Schmidtberger

David and Audrey Schoenberger

Wendelin and Sharon Schoendaller

Paul and Renee Schremmer

LaShelle Schroter

Tommy and Janessa Schuetz

Cora Schulte

Matthew and Anne Schulte

Sara Schulte

Chris Schumacher

Debbie Schumacher

Todd and Melissa Schumacher

Tracy and Laura Schumacher

Arlyn and Marietta Schupman

Schwartz & Park, LLP

S.D. and S.L. Schwarz

Abigail Scinto

Colton Scoby

Patrick and Gia Scott

Arthur and Robyn Seabolt

Security 1st Title LLC

Jessica Seib

Verla Seibel

Steven and Janette Seidl

M P and Nancy Sells

Richard and Vickie Settle

Kevin and Lanette Shaffer

Steven and Lisa Shepard

Shiloh Vineyard

Sayre Shuck

Karen Shumate

Linda Siek

Vicki Silkwood

Gwendolyn Sillmon

D R and L L Simmons

James and Joyce Simpson

Sisters of St. Joseph

John Sjoholm

Angel Smith

Chris and Gina Smith

David and Rae Smith

Amanda Snyder

George and Marilyn Sommers

Mitch Sommers

James and Carolyn Southard

Virginia Sproul

Dale and Stephanie Staab

Diana Staab

Glenn and Dottie Staab

Lambert Staab

Lea Staab

Lois Staab

Christy Stahl

Brenda Stecklein

David and Luann Steffen

Dr. Ed and Donna Stehno

Kevin and Noneral Steinert

D and Dixie Stenzel

Donna Stenzel

Kathy Stenzel

Tammy Stevenson

Cord and Kathy Stewart

Megan Stewart

Stephen and Brenda Stewart

Eldon and Mary Stoecklein

Dale and Lois Stramel

Gene and Cheryl Stramel

Glenn and Rhonda Stramel

Cary and Marsha Stremel

Helga Stremel

Mike and Jerilyn Stull

Dr. Harl and Lavena Stump

Sunflower Child Support Services LLC

Wendy Sweeney

Talon Group LLC

Tamko Building Products

John and Kathie Taylor

Kathleen Taylor

Patric and Sharon Taylor

The Arc of Central Plains, Inc.

Marvin Thomas

Michael and Kimberly Thomason

Carolyn Thompson

Craig and Mary Thurman

Amanda Tibbets

Melanie Tilton

Robert and Cherly Toland

Tubular & Equipment Services, LLC

Timothy and Mary Tuerk

Kathy Ubert

United Methodist Women

Neil and Susan Unrein

Mark and Gail Urban

Carol Vajnar

Ken and Dena Vehige

Dave and Lori Viramontez

Donna Vistuba

Bill and Laura VonLintel

Cody and Chelsea VonLintel

Dennis VonLintel

Kathryn "Kay" VonLintel

Loren and Trisha VonLintel

Darren Voos

Eric and Jennifer Wagner

Gary and Marcy Wagner

Judith Walker

Bernita Walters

Connie Walters

Thomas Walters

Kathryn Warner

Amy Wasinger

Coy Wasinger

William and Rosalie Wasinger

Keith and Marianne Watson

Aven and Donna Weaverling

Dawn Rose Webber

Danielle Weigel

Denise Weigel

Stacy Weilert

Don and Norma Weimer

Chris and Karen Wellbrock

Katie Wendell

Gary and Patti Wentling

Ivan and Verda Werner

Christina Werth

Vincent and Connie Werth

Dionne Werth

Kay Werth

Lona Werth

Mary Jo Werth

Russell Werth

Western Beverage

Rhonda Westover

D. Pat and Tonya White

Margaret Whittington

Jana Wickham

Mark and Sadie Wideman

Kimberly Wiles

Kaylee Wilkens

Ron and Tammie Williams

Ty and Susan Wilson

David and Twila Wilson

Verlene Wilson

Oren and Pat Windholz

Richard and Pamela Windholz

Rick Windholz

James and Kimberyly Wineland

Mary Wise

Robert and Susan Wolf

Gary and Lisa Wondra

Annette Yost

Bryce and Carol Young

Donald and Wanda Younger

Donna Younger

Elaine Younger

Ethel Younger

Francis and Joleene Younger

Jeff and Karie Younger

Lonnie and Dorothy Younger

Neal and Carolyn Younger

Sue Younger

Chris and Cindy Zadina

Melanie Zeller

R. and D. Ziegler

Randi Ziegler

Alanna Zimmerman