HaysMed Foundation Elects New Officers and Board Members

The HaysMed Foundation is pleased to announce new officers and members of the Foundation Board of Directors. The 2024 officers are Mark McCullick, President; Christopher Brungardt, Vice President; Mike Pollock, Treasurer; and Jennifer Teget, Secretary. The board elected Dr. Richard Rajewski and Jamey Lewis-Gonzales to their first three-year term. Other members of the board include Josh Dreher, T.J. Gottschalk, Laure Gross, Wayne Kieffer, Dr. Tom McDonald, Patrick Parke, Lynette Pfannenstiel, Ed Rempe, Brennan Uehling, Dave Van Doren, Eric Wagner, and Eddie Herrman, HaysMed President/CEO.

Alaina Cunningham was recognized for completing her third term on the Foundation Board. “Since 2015, Alaina has served in various officer positions including president and has been an active committee volunteer. We greatly appreciate her commitment and dedicated service,” said Jeff Brull, Executive Director of the HaysMed Foundation.