Foundation Elects Officers

The HaysMed Foundation is pleased to announce our 2022 officers. By unanimous vote, the officers are Alaina Cunningham, President; Mark McCullick, Vice President; Pat Parke, Treasurer; and Christopher Brungardt, Secretary. The officers were elected for a one-year term. Other members of the board include T.J. Gottschalk, Edward Herrman, Wayne Kieffer, Dr. Tom McDonald, Lynette Pfannenstiel, Mike Pollock, Julie Rider, Jennifer Teget, Brennan Uehling, Dave VanDoren, Eric Wagner, and Annette Yost.

“As we continue to support HaysMed through these challenging times, we are thankful to have these officers and board members with experience and passion for the mission of the HaysMed Foundation,” said Jeff Brull, Executive Director of the HaysMed Foundation.