HaysMed Foundation Campaign Surpasses Goal

Powerful Technology Campaign Chairs Dr. Tom and Deb McDonald

Powerful Technology Campaign Chairs Dr. Tom and Deb McDonald

In April of last year, the HaysMed Foundation announced the Powerful Technology Campaign. The goal was to acquire several new key technologies that would signal a major turning point in patient care. The campaign, chaired by Dr. Tom and Debra McDonald, surpassed its $3 million goal, with a total of $3,822,342 in gifts and pledges.

The Powerful Technology Campaign included four major components:

-A new CT scanner

-New equipment in the HaysMed DeBakey Heart Institute’s two catheterization labs -Integrated patient monitors -Endowed funds to benefit department needs both now and for generations to come

The new, large-bore CT scanner, a technological breakthrough, captures detailed images of vital organs in only a fraction of a second. This remarkable speed significantly reduces radiation doses up to 82 percent from traditional CT scanners. New patient monitors tie into HaysMed’s larger electronic medical record system, which tracks patients’ health status at any given moment. The two catheterization labs can now also offer higher quality imaging, while minimizing radiation exposure to patients and providers.

Campaign co-chairs Dr. Tom and Debra McDonald expressed their appreciation to the donors of the Campaign. “The success of the Powerful Technology Campaign is important, not only because of the state-of-the art tools now available, but because of the increased standard of care they facilitate for our patients and for their families. We owe this achievement to the advocates and benefactors in our community who constantly seek to improve the lives of those who call our region home.”