Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll
HaysMed has greatly benefited from the generous support of its friends and neighbors. This tradition of caring ensures that HaysMed will be able to provide for future generations. The following donors have made contributions to the HaysMed Foundation from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.
Leadership Level - $5,000+
Don G. and Chris Bickle, Sr.
Angelica Bowlby Rev Living Trust
Ralph and Ella Bowlby Charitable Trust
Dr. Earl and Sharon Carlson
Commercial Builders
Dane G. Hansen Foundation
The Honorable Robert J. and Elizabeth Dole
Leo J Dreiling and Albina Dreiling Charitable Trust
Eagle Communications Inc.
Hadley Foundation, Inc.
George Harms
Hays Medical Center Volunteers
Insurance Planning, Inc.
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Nabholz Charitable Foundation
Nex-Tech Wireless
Nex-Tech, Inc.
RDH Electric, Inc.
Robert E. and Patricia A. Schmidt Foundation
S&W Supply Company
Lillian Schumacher
Warren and Pamela Shaffer
SizeWise Rentals
Sunflower Bank
The University of Kansas Health System
Tim and Sandee Werth
Cornerstone Level - $2,500-$4,999
Myron and Joannah Applequist
Bank of Hays
Commerce Bank
Emprise Bank
Glassman Corporation
Golden Belt Bank
Health Facilities Group, LLC
Innovest Portfolio Solutions, LLC
Lewis Automotive Group
Curtis and Renee Longpine
James Mages
Midwest Energy, Inc.
Northwestern Printers, Inc.
Showcase Jewelers, Ltd.
Terry Siek
Dr. Paul and Jennifer Teget
Toyota Dealer Match Program
Bryce and Carol Young
Executive Level - $1,000 - $2,499
Marie Albers
Astra Bank
Auto World
Andrew and Paula Beck
Kenneth and Barbara Beran
Alan and Regina Borthwick
Randy and Barb Clinkscales
Dr. Brandon and Alaina Cunningham
Dr. Roger and Cara Dietz
Discovery Drilling - Tom and Glenna Alm
Doerfler Harley Davidson
Sharon Dreher
Tom and Barbara Wasinger
Equity Bank
Foulston and Siefkin L.L.P.
Brad and Stacy Frickey
David Gallentine and Tracy Frickey
Jerry and Paula Haley
Hays Aircraft, LLC
Hays Chevrolet
Heartland Building Center, Inc.
Dave and Ruth Heffel
High Plains Farm Credit
Dr. Mohammed and Janelle Janif
Dr. John and Ann M. Jeter
Jeter Law Firm
Ken and Becky Johnson
Barney and Mia Korbelik
Lifetime Dental Care
Carolyn Myers
Ross A. and Didre L. Myers
Dr. Anil Pandit and Aashrayata Aryal Pandit
Paul-Wertenberger Construction, Inc.
Bill and Nancy Talbott
Platinum Group, LLC
Kenny and Lien Quan
R.P. Nixon Operations, Inc.
Dr. Michael and Janna Wright
Dr. Kurt and Julie Rider
Craig J. and Beth Rohleder
Western Well Service
William and Renette* Saba
Daniel and Mary Kay Schippers
Dr. Charles and Kari Schultz
Jay and Marsha Scott
Dr. Aron and Julie Splichal
St. Nicholas of Myra Church
Stanion Wholesale Electric Co, Inc.
Shae and Keri Veach
Vitztum Commercial Flooring, Inc.
Vitztum Decorating Center
Alan and Heidi Wamser
Dr. Darrell and Barbara Werth
Werth Wealth Management LLC
Dr. Michael and Janna Wright
Director Level - $500-$999
Anonymous (2)
Dolores Borgstadter
Brown's Medical Imaging
Curt and Audrey Campbell
Louis Caplan
Couture for Men & Women
Crawford Supply
Dr. Shanon and Brice Custer
Design Central
Sean and Lisa Dinkel
Luella Eshelman
Deloris Farthing
Gella's Diner
Great Plains Perfusion LLC
Greater Kansas Limousine Service
Daryl and Carol Groen
Hearing Center  - June Knittel
Cheryl Herman
Horizon Appliance and Electronics
Linn Ann Huntington
Roy and Jayne Inlow
Inspire - Body Mind Spirit
Rick and Gail Kuehl
Brian and Anne Lang
Dr. David and Terri Lenser
Lenser Medical Aesthetics
Dr. Ernesto Lopez-Corona and Anna Lopez
Gene Ludlow Memorial Fund
Matthew S. Massaglia
Stanley and Pamela Mayers
Dr. Thomas and Debra McDonald
Meier's Moving and Storage
Midwestern Pipe Works Inc.
Kathryn Mitchell
Pasta Jays
Tom and Carol Pitner
Riedel's Garden Center, Inc.
Scott and Cari Rohleder
Shawn Schwarz
Dr. Vivek Sharma and Snigdha Sinha
Shiloh Vineyard
Paul and Christina Simpson
Sunflower Electric Power Corporation
Dr. Zurab and Dana Tsereteli
Melanie Urban
Klint and Jennifer VonFeldt
Jim and Susan Werth
Western Kansas Saloon
Ross and Gayla Wichman
Andrew W. Wilson Charitable Giving Fund
Investor Level - $250-$499
Anonymous (3)
Vonda Ackerman
Dennis and Marsha Bieker
Body + Soul, LLC
Bud and Janet Brack
Aminda Brunner
CCR and Landscaping LLC
Central States Recovery, Inc.
Classic Quality Body Shop
Coldwell Banker Executive Realty
Kent A. and Lisa Colwell
Scott and Christiana Crawford
Gwen Davis
First Kansas Bank
Mark and Jana Fross
Jeff and Shari Hertel
Dr. Everard and Mary Hughes
Michael Jilg
Knipp Equipment, Inc.
Mary Jane Koerner
Randolph and Wanda Koerner
Clifford J. and Nancy Kreutzer
Michael and Jacqulyn Krueger
Kelly Lagree
Luella Lambrecht
Lee A. and Debbie Linenberger
Doug and Patricia Marrs
Andy and Joyce Mattison
Betty Meade
Rick and Nikki Mihm
Barry and Debra Miller
Jay and Linda Moore
Nabholz Construction Corporation
Patricia Norris
Galen Oelkers
Paisley Pear
Lynette Pfannenstiel
Precision Valley Golf and Bike Center
Patricia Radke
Radke Implement, Inc.
Dr. Steven and Sarah Rankin
Dona Riley
Jill Rozean
Andy and Kathy Rupp
Vonmarie Sandage
Dustin and Kristy Schlaefli
Lance Smith
Smoky Hill Country Club Pro Shop
Jerry and Sharon Staab
Andy and Dana Stanton
Julie Sulzman
United Methodist Women
US Foods
Vanderbilt's, Inc.
Vizient Insurance Services
Kirk and Gail Werth
World Pest Control
Advocate Level - $100-$249
Anonymous (3)
Advanced Real Estate
Dr. Michael and Christine Albrecht
Marcy Allenbaugh
Dave Anderson
Gene and Linda Argo
Jim Basgall
Joe and Colette Berger
Berlin-Wheeler, Inc.
Louise Berning
Darlene Robben Family
Greg and Michelle Beyer
Tim and Sue Bickle
Robert and Lori Bieker
Bildschon Haus
Bishop Cunningham Assembly
Larry and Thelma Bortz
Marian Boyd
Lisa Brening
Thomas and Christine Brett
Steven Brull
Timothy Brungardt
C.S. Post and Co. and Regeena's Flowers
William Cadoret
City of Lafayette
Shawn Clark
Jack and Nancy Curtis
Kurt and Kathy David
Butch and Kaylene Davis
Penny Davis
Schamra Detherage
Joyce Dinges
Jeff and Marcia Dinkel
Brian and Deanna Doerfler
Downtown Hays Development Corporation
Josita Dreiling
Matt and Renee Dreiling
Sonja Ellis
Charles and Sue Erbacher
Debra Erbert
Gregg and Cindy Evans and family
Marjorie Evans and family
John O. and Dianne Farmer
Mike Filley
Free State PAC
Brian and Sonya Garrett
Brian L. and Teresa L. Garrett
Nicholas Gehring
Charlotte Gibbs
Dorothy Gideon
Julie Giess
Cheryl Glassman
Jacob and Amy Glover
Golden Plains Credit Union
Dale Gottschalk
Dorothy Gottschalk
Jude and Lora Gottschalk
TJ and Megan Gottschalk
Green and Miller, P.C.
Amie Griffith
Dr. Jerod and Sharon Grove
Jerry and Karen Gustin
Rosie Hammerschmidt
Darla Hanks
Roger Harman
Mick and Elaine Harper
Drs. Ross Buckles and Heather Harris
Ron and Teri Hart
Rev. Debra Harvey
Haynes Electric, Inc.
Hays Medical Center
Kelly and Jill Hedlund
James L. and Tina Heier
Layton R. and Sheri Hein
Dr. Lee and Kim Hodny
Home Oil and Supply, Inc.
David Horchem
Tom and Stephanie Howie
Kevin and Kathleen Huser
J R Whiteman Imaging, PA
Jalisco Mexican Restaurant
Dean and Jennie Ellner
Dr. Paul and Stephanie Jones
Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation, Inc.
Jerry Kanzenbach
Shanna Karlin and Angela Meitner
Keithley Funeral Homes
Keller and Miller Certified Public Accountants, L.L.P.
Terry and Connie Kinderknecht
Jackie L. and Sandra M. Kirchoff
Koerner Chiropractic, PA
Daniel and Delores Koster
Rich and Marty Kraemer
Paul and Debra Kraus
Kaylene Kruse
Larry and Martha Lambert
Stephanie Lang
Douglas and Tiffany Lanman
Lyn and Janis Lee
Ruth Legleiter
Earnie and Esperanza Lehman
Margaret Leiker
Connie Linenberger
Ross Linenberger
Thomas and Eugenia Ludes
Eric and Sarah Lybarger
Leona Madden
Michael and Mary Martin
Miranda McCune
Dr. Kevin and Terri McDonald
Bryan McKenzie
Debra McLaren
Leroy Meis
Don and Dwayne Meyer
Chris and Julie Michaelis
Mid-America Service Solutions, LLC
Midwest Energy Employees
Carolyn Miller
Kathy Mitchell
Alan and Lori Moore
Michael W. and Lorina L. Morley
Stan and Bernus Munsch
Nabholz Construction Services
Glen and Anita Neuburger
Stan and Joyce Newell
Lacey Ninemire
Dan Nixon
Paula North
Shawna North
North Central Kansas Technical College
Emily Nuttle
Jerry A. and Valorie Ogburn
Patrick Parke
Dipikaben Patel
Jay Peace
Perrett Photography
Marvin Pfannenstiel
Jason D. and Michelle Pope
Connie Potts
R&M Heating and Cooling, Inc.
Rhonda Reeves
Lisa Reiter
Shelton and Cheryl Renz
Elsie Richmond
Guy and Ellen Riedel
Riverside Chiropractic PA
Theresa Roe
Ronald Rohlf
Salon MUAH
Jared Scheck and Dr. Melinda Miner-Scheck
Armella Schippers
Margaret Schmitt
Darrin W. and Jenny L. Schmitz
Larry Schuckman
Glenda Schuetz
Scott and Denise Schultz
Brenda Schumacher
Robert E. and Marilyn Schumacher
Arlyn and Marietta Schupman
Jeffery and Stacey Seibel
Gary and Mary Ann Shorman
Steve Shrader
Charles Simonton
Simply Charmed
Arielle Simpson
SLC Firefighters Relief Association
Lenora Staab
Christy Stahl
Delbert Stanton
Alvin Stenzel
Daniel and Katherine Swenson
Charles and Sherri Tallett and family
John and Kathie Taylor
Dr. Shannon Thornburg
Joseph and Darlene Torrez
Crystal Trauer
Debora Cook
George and Carol Vitztum
Mike and Lori Vitztum
Kirk and Annette Voss
Randy and Tamera Walker
Jerry Weber
Russell and Marcia Weekley
Chris and Valerie Wente
Steven and Robin Wiebe
Scott and Charlene Wilson
Connie Windholz
Melissa Windholz
Neal and Helen Windholz
Winfield Police Department
Donna Younger
Jeff and Karie Younger
Lawrence and Louise Younger
Friends Level - Less Than $100
Anonymous (16)
Abilene Public Schools
Amy Stanfield
Abilene High School Faculty Fund
Eugene and Mary Algrim
Wesley and Trudy Alstatt
JoDee Altman
Kathryn Amrein
Susan Amrein
Darryl and Nancy Apel
Darrell Armbruster
Jerry and Bev Armbruster
Micki Armstrong
David Ashbaugh
Peggy Askins
Stefani Astorga
Carol Augustine
Jeannette Augustine
Auman Company
Steve P. and Gloria Aust
Timothy and Brooke Aziere
Dennis Babcock
Bob and Sandra Bainter
Lyle and Rhonda Baker
Wanda Ball
Aldean Banker
Stephanie Banker
Bill and Rita Barker
James and Hannah Barrett
Angela Basgall
Pam Basgall
Stan Basgall, AAL
Virginia Basgall
Barbara Basinger
Douglas and Nancy Basquez
Marcella Bateman
Jared and Ashley Bauck
Ronald Bean
Darlene Beaumont
Martin and Susan Becker
Tashia Becker
Christy Befort
Stacy Beiker
Elvera F. Beiker
Troy Bell
Dustin G. and Anne Bemis
Marceline Bender
Mary Benedict
Jaime Benoit
Rupert and Mary Berrington
Paul Best and families
D.G. and Millie Bickle, Jr.
Ryan Bickle
Mike and Susie Billinger
Tammy Billinger
Wanda Billinger
Donald Birzer
Clarence and Dorothy Bittel
Sharon Bittel
Kathleen Bittner
Dean and Nelda Blackwell
Gloria Blackwell
Larry H. and Ruth Blank
Kael and Sara Bloom
George and Jan Bocox
Lori Bogart
Trevor and Laree Boggs
Deborah Bohm
Connie Bollig
Craig Boomhower
Linda Boone
Marlyn and Nancy Borger
Lucy Boucher
Merlin Bowen
Mark L. and Gail Brack
Doug and Kathy Bradley
Carl Brandt
Andrew W. and Belinda S. Braun Trust
Francis F. and Jacquelyn Braun
Glenn R. and Amy L. Braun
Kenneth and Yvonne Braun
Samuel L. and Marilyn Braun
Wilma Braun
Janet Bremenkamp
Kathleen Brenner
Terry and Mary Jane Brenzikofer
Alexandra Brewster
Erin Bricker
Lindsey Broin
Leo G. and Betty Jo Brown
Stacy Brown
Barb Browning
Melvin and Karen Bruggeman
Charles and Marlene Brull
Michael Brull
Tony Brummer
Bertha Brungardt
Kelly Brungardt
Paul Brungardt
Paul and Mildred Brungardt
Bob and Shirley Brungardt
Zachary Brungardt
Larry and Brenda Bryant
Buckeye Ladies Club
Donna Burgess
W. Paul and Connie Burket
Mary Lou Button
Trent and Paula Carlson
Dava Carrell
Thomas and Mary Casey
Joe and Debbie Castaneda
Jolene Cerveny
Marvena Chance
Kirk and Debora Chapin
Odette and Carolyn Chaput
Michelle Chittenden
City of Hays Water Department
John and Jayne Clarke
Linda Clover
Shalise Cochran
Robert D. and Terri L. Conway
Esther Courtney
John T. and Jane Craft
George and Ramona Cramer
Leo and Darlene Craven
Brenda D. Crawford Revocable Living Trust
Marilyn Crawford
Crossroads Cooperative Association
Joe and Patty Currey
Daughters of Isabella - Circle 254
Roger E. and Karmen Davignon
Joy Davis
Brenda Dechant
Denise Dechant
Judith Deiser
Bill and Kenda Denison
Paula and James Desbien
Delores DeWald
James R. and Sherry Dibble
Bonnie Dilley
Alfrieda Dinges
Deborah Dinges
Ken and Carol Dinges
James A. and Shirley Dinkel
Janea Dinkel
Mark A. and Jeana Dinkel
Charlie and Cindy Doerfler
Mary Ann Doerfler
Joe F. and Sue Dolezal
Brian and Gayle Donaldson
Dorrance Home Makers FCE
Mandi Dotts
Wanda Douce
Tom and Sharon Drees
Ruth Dreher
Cletus and Rose Ann Dreiling
Doug and Lindsey Dreiling
Frank and Brenda Dreiling
Paul and Judy Dreiling
Patricia L. Dreiling Revocable Trust
Ralph Dreiling
Sarah Dreiling
Jodi Dubovich
Theresa Dumler
Sara Dunn
Brenda Dykstra
Kenneth and Sherry Eberle
R.K. Eberle
Edith Eggleston Living Trust
Keith and Renie Eilts
Cindy Elliott
Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development
Richard and Peggy Elmore
Encore Antiques & Collectables LLC
Virginia Engborg
Bruce and Marilyn Engel
Leslie Engel
Mike and Judy Engel
Steve and Robin Engel
Duane and Doreen Evans
Glen and Patricia Everhart
Brian Ewert
Farmers National Bank
J.W. and J.L. Feil
Vernon and Ruth Felder
Cory and Amy Feldt
Kale and Jessica Feldt
Jennie Fellers-Morgan
Darlene Ficken
Terri Fischer
Kelly Flaska
Sister Loretta Clare Flax
Ronald F. and Rhonda Flax
Tim and Michele Flax
Dr. Eugene and JoAnn Fleharty
Travis and Angela Flies
Opal Flinn
Rebecca Flora
Charles and Ellen Focke
Brian Forinash
Bill and Kim Foster
Deb Fox-Johnson
Lori Frederking
Ronald and Elaine Freeman
Larry Friend
Mary Fritz
Morris and Marie Froelich
Carles and Luanne Fry
Arlen Gabel
Wayne J. Gabel Revocable Trust
Gary and Vickie Gano
John and Tara Garcia
Cindy Garey
Margaret Gargan
Gary and LouAnn Geist
Jay and Maureen Georg
Alice Gerstner
Charlie and Carla Giebler
Norman Giebler
Teresa Glendening
Kenneth and Sherri Glenn
Paula Gnad
Shelbie Goering
Kenneth and Barbara Goetz
Heidi Gohl
Emily Gottschalk
Randy and Nadine Gottschalk
Richard and Trina Gottschalk
Robbie Graf
Kurt and Kristin Grafel
Virginia Gray
Warren and Laura Green
Art and Dorothy Gross
Diane Gross
Randi Grubbs
Fernando Guzman-Soto
Don and Pat Haberer
Douglas and Carol Haberman
Paula Hachmeister
Troy Hallagin, D.D.S., PA
Dennis and Kathy Hamel
Richard and Jane Hansen
Bill Hanzlicek and Diane Flood Hanzlicek
Keith R. and Andrea M. Harmoney
Keno and Jonea Hartshorn
Albert and Rebecca Hatch
Dr. Michael and Carla Hattan
Hays Board of Realtors
Hays Fire Department - Women's Aux.
Roger and Joyce Heffel
Kathleen Heinrich
Dave and Karen Hendrickson
Rosalie Henry
Kelli Herbers
Heath and Angie Herje
Darlene Herman
A.A. and T.M. Herrman
David and Charlotte Herrman
Debbie Herrman
Mike and Lori Hertel
Darlene Hickert
Shirley Higgins
Blakely Hillery
Susan Hinkhouse
Gladys Hinman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hixson
Alicia Hodges
Don and Gretta Hoffman
Ken Hoffman
Stephen Hoffman
Richard and Jennifer Holderman
Trese Holle
Jay D. and Heidi Holopirek
Marla Homburg
Home Depot
Kay Homewood
Greg and Deirdre Hoover
Shawn Hoss
Eugene Hotz
Dight and Lenore W. House
Betha Howard
Jennifer Howard
Jarilyn Hrabe
Sue Huff
Denise Hull Ring
Vivian Humphrey
Glenn F. and Brandy Huser
Terry and Brenda Hutchison
Jackson Farms
Dan and Sandy Jacobs
James Plumbing, LLC
Craig and Carla Jecha
James A. and Carole Jecha
Nick Jensen
Kirk and Treva Johnson
Lauree Johnson
Donnie and Patty Johnston
Allison Jones
Bruce and Mary Jones
Elodie Jones
Richard and Elaine Jones
Myrna Jordan
Luetta Kaiser
Kansas Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Craig and Lisa Karlin
Leon and Wanda Karst
Alvin and Karen Keatley
Phyllis Kellerman
Deanna Kennedy
Paul Kerschinske
Wayne and Karol Kieffer
Cynthia Kintigh
Barb and Enola Kirby
Laura Kisner
Harold and Barbara Kisslinger
Alberta Klaus
Donald and Debra Klaus
Jan V. and Josette Klaus
Rhonda Klaus
Bob and Tammy Klaus
Randy L. and Kimberly Klein
Anna Klema
Sheila Koch
Annette Koerner
Don and Lois Koerner
Joey and Jessica Koerner
Kimberly Koerner
Rose Koerner
Fran Kovach
Kramer Electric
Earl and Mitzi Krause
Cheryl Kreuzter
Leroy and Sandy Kreutzer
Raymond and Lou Kriley
Paulette Kroeger
Kevin Krogstad
Danna Krom
Jordan Krzyck
Kathleen Kuchar
Patricia Kuhlman
Max and Patty Kuhlmann
Agneta Kuhn
Andrew and Wanda Kuhn
Mary Kuhn
Norbert Kuhn
Ronald J. and Cindy N. Kuhn
Theresa Kuhn
E. Dean and Betty Kurtz
K. Lane and C. Lane
Mike and Patti Lane
Patricia Larson
Lloyd and Lucinda Lazarus
Bill and Donna Legleiter
Carl and Velma Legleiter
Carol Legleiter
Harold and Patricia Legleiter
Ann Leiker
David and Claudia Leiker
Farron and Amy Leiker
Jason and Carly Leiker
Laren and Susan Leiker
Mandy Leiker
Neal and Linda Leiker
Ronald J. and Lori Leiker
Royalan Leiker
Tamra Leiker
Christy Lemuz
Mark LeSage
Carey Lewis
Friends, CoWorkers and Students of Kim Townsend
Bill and Jamie Liles
Robert and Jean Lindsey
Carol Linenberger
Kurtis Linenberger
Joey and Lori Linn
Brent and Susan Little
Eric and Amanda Littlechild
Jodi Locke
Sarah Loewen
Logan Unified School Dist. No. 326
Roger L. and Toni R. Lohrmeyer
Susan Lorenc
Eric and Kimberly Loring
Bonnie Louder
Bill and Mary Lou Luecke
James and Lois Lutz
Renee Maday
Michael and Theresa Madden
Main Street Beauty Salon
Kelly Malleck
James F. and Jamie Malone
Scott and Dyane Manhart
Jody and Katherine Marshall
Stan* and Donna Maskus
Master Cleaners
Leonard and Linda Mastroni
TR and Susan May
Rod and Karla McAtee
Edmund McCabe
Mike and Susan McCabe
Amanda McCall
Thomas M. and Martha McClelland
Shirley McConnell
Wanda McCormick
Mark and Patty McCullick
Carol McDonald
Clayton McDowell
Scott and Lisa McGrath
James and Karol McLaren
Brenda McMillin
Paul McRae, DVM
Michael McVay
Thomas and Patricia Meagher
Anna Meall
Dale and Roberta Meder
Cristina Meier
Kathleen Meier
Robert and Agnes Meier
Ross and Sheila Merritt
Carol J. Michel Trust
Michael Miles
Patricia Miles
Barbara Miller
Eddie Miller
Steve and Marva Miller
Samantha Minear
Larry and Gloria Mlinek
Marc and Melody Mock
Henrietta Moden
Joy Moeckel
Azarel and Jennifer Molina
Stanley and Maradith Molstad
Dale and Kathy Montgomery
David Montgomery
D.D. and J.A. Moore
Kerri Morgan
Marilyn Morgan
Steven and Linda Mosier
Corinne Mueller
Mike Muench
Bob and Diane Muirhead
Matthew Mulford and Judith Dinges-Mulford
Brian and Maranda Munsch
Cory and Pam Munsch
Harvey Munsch
Thomas and Josephine Murphy
Gary and Eulalia Muschik
James L. and Alfreda Myers
Crystal Nash
Terry and Karen Naylor
Glen and Ruby Nelson
Stephanie Niblock
Gary and Alta Nichol
Robert and Janell Noone
Marlis Norton
Norton Correctional Facility
Lora Novak
E.J. and Linda Novotny
Velda Nuss
Kevin and Mary Nyberg
Paul and Wanda Oborny
Billy and Dorothy Ochs
Deron and Sue O'Connor
Jean Oelkers
Robert W. and Melinda Olson
Raymond and Jeanne Osborn
Rick and Joan Ostmeyer
Taylor Ottley
John and Barbara Owens
Norman and Karen Owings
Robert and Laura Park
Ann Parker
Crystal Parker
Kevin and Korinna Parker
Carol Parker
Govind and Vimla Patel
Kay Patterson
Mary Ann Pechanec
David and Ingrid Peterson
Timothy and Rebekah Peterson
Winston and Marie Peterson
Richard and Mary Ann Petrik
Brian Pfannenstiel
Tom Pfannenstiel
Al Pfeifer
Bob Pfeifer
Carolyn Pfeifer
Galen and Cathy Pfeifer
Jessica Pfeifer
Renee Pfeifer
Wilbert and Shirley Pfeifer
Eber and Joni Phelps
Sandra Philip-Sprague
Terry and Rosalie Phillips
Denis and Barbara Pianalto
Randel and Mary Rose Pickle
John L. and Connie G. Pohl
Marjorie Pohlman
Shad and Lori Post
Eunice Prediger
Jessica Purdy
Crystal Quint
Robert and Denice Rahjes
Kathy Reed
Wava Reed
Charles and Louise Reese
Elsie Rein
Norman and Pamela Rein
Dan and Jan Reinhardt
Ed and Debi Rempe
Melba Renberger
Carol Reynolds
Leah Rhoades
Sherri Ribordy
Doug Richards
Mary Ricke
Ricke's Carpet Service
Rose Riffle
Clifton L. and Mary Riggs
Trevor and Tara Roa
Julie Robben
Marla Robben
Paula Robben
Ann Robinson
Garrett and Melissa Roe
Les and Sheryl Rogers
Donald Rohr
Larry and Mary Rohr
Mary Jane Rohr
Wanda and Mike Rohr
Aaron J. and Shana Rome
Lawrence and Kathleen Rome
Linda Rome
Mike and Desiree Rome
Ken and Dolores Romeiser
Ila Mae Ruder
Jerry and Diane Ruder
Elizabeth Rupp
Lesly Rupp
Travis Rupp
Rush County News LLC
Janet Russell
Reta Rutherford
Mike and Laura Sadeghi
Anna Sander
Irene Sander
Dan Sanneman
Daryl and Lynn Sarkett
Melvin and Jennifer Sauer
Mildred Sauer
Gary and Becky Schaeffer
John and Shelley Scheck
Calvin and Wanda Schemper
Richard and Ann Schenk
Susan Scherencel
Lavina Scheuerman
Edward E. and Marjory Scheufler
Jim and Roberta Schlaefli
Gene and Cheryl Schlegel
Melissa Schlegel
Diane Schmeidler
Gary and Elizabeth Schmeidler
Lawrence and Dolores Schmeidler
Adolph and Deann Schmidt
Alexia Schmidt
Jacqueline Schmidt
Steven and Sue Schmidt
Amye Schneider
J. David and Anita Schneider
Kerry and Becky Schneider
Douglas and Kim Schneweis
Randy and Tammy Schoenthaler
Lisa Schreck
Cora Schulte
Mary Schulte
Robert and Tricia Scoby
Travis Scoby
Elinor Scott
Patrick and Gia Scott
Tiffany Scott
Jessica Seib
Kevin M. and Lanette D. Shaffer
Douglas and Monnie Shearer
Carol Shepherd
Kendra Shrole
Sayre Shuck
Linda Siek
Troy D. and Ruth A. Simon
Carol Slattery*
Ernee Sly
Angel Smith
David K. and Rae A. Smith
Dustin and Amanda Smith
John and Karen Smith
Michaela Smith
Sherrie Smith
Susan Smith
Treva Smith
Dr. Elizabeth Snyder
Roy and Nicole Spray
Dale J. and Stephanie M. Staab
Ervell and Arlene Staab
James M. and Therese Staab
Jarilyn Staab
Lois Staab
Phillip and Linda Stahlman
Vernon Stallman and Family
Alan and Carolyn States
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Steckline
Ed and Donna Stehno
Mary Stepp
Kent and Deb Steward
Brian and Karen Stewart
Stockton United Methodist Church
Sonja Stout
Gene and Cheryl Stramel
Glenn and Rhonda Stramel
James and Alice Stramel
Marjorie Straub
Cary and Marsha Stremel
James and Jill Sulser
Steve and Kerri Sunley
Dyan Suppes
Warren and Eileen Sutton
Donna Swaney
Anita Swenson
The Tactical Experience
Bernadette Taylor
Charles and Joan Taylor
Jim and Kathy Taylor
Kathy Taylor
Rhonda Templing
Gerald and Helen Tetrick
P.J. and W.W. Thomas
Joseph R. and Nadine Thomasson
Steve and Sandy Thornton
Robert E. and Karen Threlkel
Timken Seed Farms, Inc.
N.A. Tipton
Edward and Susan Tobergte
Mary Toepfer
Dr. Kenneth and Linda Trimmer
Jeffery and Deborah Turnbull
John and Sheila Turner
University of Kansas Alumni Association
Neil and Susan Unrein
Donald and Jewell Unruh
Randy and Kay Unruh
Kenneth D. and Dena Vehige
Richard A. and Norma J. Vink Rev. Living Trust
Brenda Vink-Wilson
Nancy Vogel
Chris A. and Phyllis VonLintel
Patricia Vopat
Charles Votaw
Eric and Jennifer Wagner
Terry and Julie Wagner
Ellis Walker
Pat Warner
Lynda Warren
Kay Wasinger
Rick and Jo Ann Wasinger
Keith and Marianne Watson
Edward and Charlene Weber
Julie Weems
Brandon and Michelle Weigel
Danielle Weigel
Denise Weigel
Darryl and Deanna Wellbrock
Joye Werner
Robert and Nancy Wertenberger
Darlene Werth
Judith Werth
Kay Werth
Lona Werth
Mark A. and Simone Werth
Shirley Werth
Walt and Jean Wesselowski
Richard and Arlene Westbrook
Peggy Whittington
Jana Wickham
Phil Wiesner
Wikoff Living Trust
Kenneth Williams
Kristi Williams
Ron and Tammie Williams
Ty and Susan Wilson
Verlene Wilson
Wilson Lake Estates, Inc.
Kenneth and Jolene Windholz
Gloria Windholz
Ralph and Virginia Windholz
Richard and Pamela Windholz
Rick Windholz
Wesley and Ruan Windholz
Jenna Wittkorn
Creta Wonderlich
Bret and Tami Wood
Clyde W. and Ellen C. Woolsey
Larry and Connie Yost
Nancy Young
Elaine Younger
Francis J. and Joleene Younger
Melanie Zeller
Terry and Cindy Zerfas
Howard and Laura Ziegler
Rosina Ziegler
Tina Zimmerman
Andrea Zody