The HaysMed Foundation continues to serve and support quality health care for western Kansans through various campaigns and other fundraising venues. Our annual campaigns develop long-term relationships with donors who, through their giving and support, make a significant and long lasting impact on the health of our region. 

Capital campaigns help us support major initiatives at HaysMed. The Powerful Technology, A Look Inside campaign was announced in April 2017 with a goal of $3 million to four areas of critcal interest. 

The Envision Campaign -- A Future without Cancer...One Patient at a Time, was completed in 2015 and raised over $1.3 million to replace the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute's linear accelerator with one that also has Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) capability. SBRT is a major advancement in radiation therapy that maintains the effectiveness of standard treatment and greatly reduces the number of times a patient needs to come in for treatment. A high dose of radiation therapy is targeted precisely at a patient’s tumor, and healthy tissue is avoided. It is reassuring to have the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute in our region, a state-of-the art center for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Your gifts help us fulfill our mission of helping HaysMed improve the health of those in our region.

Watch here for more information on our active campaigns.