Big City Medicine, Home Town Care

Eddie Herrman, HaysMed President/CEO
Jeff Brull, HaysMed Foundation Executive Director

When HaysMed became the first hospital to join The University of Kansas Health System in 2017, we imagined the good things that would become available to western Kansans. In a few words, it all comes down to the best people, facilities, and equipment available without sacrificing the level of care you’d expect from your family, friends, and neighbors. Our goal is consistent statewide: to meet patients where they are and provide the best care available. For our western Kansas neighbors, this means capable staff from HaysMed who provide outreach services throughout the region. It means partnering with physicians in community hospitals across expansive rural areas to ensure that patients get continuity of care. It also means that when a neighbor or family member needs advanced care, they can find it at HaysMed; or, if the need is particularly great, with The University of Kansas Hospital.

The HaysMed Foundation is honored to provide the conduit through which people like you, people of all financial means, can help provide lifesaving equipment, new initiatives, and programs that positively impact the health of our region. The HaysMed Foundation serves the needs of HaysMed, and we are proud to operate without any fees on donated funds. Not only is every dollar used locally, but every penny is used for the people and programs that you designate. We hope you will be part of the successes we celebrate together. In large and small ways, each of us has the opportunity to be part of this truly impressive partnership of healthcare for our neighbors and friends.