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We welcome you to view the pieces of the collection that have been added to the virtual tour. Check back often as we add the hundreds of pieces of Kansas artists in our collection to the site!

Hadley Foundation Art Collection
at Hays Medical Center

The Hadley Foundation Art Collection includes hundreds of works of original artwork created by Kansas artists. The collection of original work began in 1974 at Hadley Regional Medical Center and continued with the merger of St. Anthony Hospital in 1991, when the two hospitals became Hays Medical Center. The art collection has been funded primarily by the Hadley Foundation. The Hays Medical Center Volunteers funded the Meditation Garden and the Ross and Marianna Beach Foundation funded the mobile in the Miller Medical Pavilion. Several works of art have been given as memorials with the approval of the Visual Arts Committee. The collection is on the permanent loan to Hays Medical Center.

Therapeutic Value

The aesthetic value of the Art Collection was the initial goal. However, that goal was achieved and surpassed by the realization of the additional therapeutic value it offers to patients, families, visitors and associates. Stroke patients who have particular difficulty with initiation of spontaneous speech, or with unilateral neglect of one side or the other, respond well when introduced to the variety of displayed art work. It has proved to “soothe the soul” and provide comfort during difficult situations. Family members can find respite by reflecting on the art work displayed in the halls. Visitors remark upon the impressive variety, quality and added dimension that the art collection adds to the Hays Medical Center experience. HaysMed associates refer to the art collection with pride and often develop “ownership” of favorite pieces. Administration receives favorable comments on a regular basis and includes the art tour for visiting dignitaries.

Art Collection Selection Process

The Visual Arts Committee follows established guidelines to select the art. Only well-established professional Kansas artists qualify for consideration. Included are paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and fabrics. Currently, twenty-two Governor’s Artists Award winners are represented.

The Hadley Foundation Art Collection received the Governor’s Award for Art Patron in 1994. The Hays Arts Council recommendation noted the overall commitment of the Hadley Foundation to support and purchase of art. The Governor’s Award acknowledges the importance of the Art Collection within Hays Medical Center and also that Hays Medical Center has become a major repository of work by Kansas artists.

National health organizations encourage and support the integration of “the arts” into the healing process. Indeed the Hadley Foundation Collection pioneered the concept of utilizing original art in a health care institution. The Art Collection recognizes the therapeutic value as well as the aesthetic enrichment of the visual arts for Hays Medical Center. Because health is both physical and mental well being, creating an atmosphere which enhances that spirit is an essential aspect of Hays Medical Center.


Few individuals have an opportunity of being involved in the development of an extensive visual arts collection within a medical facility. Since 1974, I have seen an insignificant assortment of wall decor evolve into a formal, professional collection by Kansas Aatists. We continue to search for significant works that provide therapeutic value for patients, families and associates. Comments and expressions of appreciation relating to the artwork occur on a regular basis and are shared when I conduct tours of the collection.

Tribute is paid to Mr. Don Stewart, CEO of Hadley Regional Medical Center, who had the initial concept in 1974. Mr. Michael Rindler revitalized the program by creating the Visual Arts Committee and established the guidelines that the committee follows today. The financial generosity of the Hadley Foundation makes the Hadley Collection possible. It has become one of the significant collections of Kansas artists. I would like to thank the Visual Arts Committee members who devote hours to the responsibilities of the Collection. I also extend my appreciation to Hays Medical Center for providing such a beautiful exhibiting environment for the Collection. And lastly, I thank the Volunteer Services Office and the wonderful Volunteers for their roles as project liaisons.

John Thorns
Hadley Collection Curator

Visual Arts Committee
  • Amiyah Gonzalez-Brown - Interim Hadley Collection Director/Curator
  • Dr. Jeffery Curtis - Committee Chairperson
  • Korinna Parker - Committee Member
  • Michael (Mick) Jilg - Committee Member
  • Nikki Mihm - HaysMed Volunteers Representative
  • Travis Rupp - HaysMed Facilities Representative
  • Jeff Brull - HaysMed Foundation Representative
  • Mark Hantla - Committee Member Emeritus/Curator 2014-2024
  • Marsha Bieker - Committee Member Emerita
  • Nancy Talbott - Committee Member Emerita
  • Joe Jeter - Hadley Foundation President, Ex. Officio Committee Member