Annual Report FY 2020-2021

AssetsJune 30, 2021June 30, 2020
Investments at Market$37,518,692$29,828,788
Pledges Receivable$649,567$803,378
Interest in Remainder Trust
Accrued Earnings$10,599$12,999
Other Assets$17,700
Total assets$39,294,997$31,885,931
Liabilities and net assets
Accounts Payable$51,530$46,402
Net Assets$39,243,467$31,839,529
Total liabilities and net assets$39,294,997$31,885,931
Statement of Activities
RevenueJune 30, 2021June 30, 2020
Gifts and Contributions$814,923$2,171,342
Earnings on Investments and Royalties$1,305,795$716,826
Total revenue$2,165,718$2,888,168
Foundation Supported Activities$767,950$919,700
Fundraising Activities$34,547$93,586
Operating Expenses$548,102$467,930
Total expenses$1,350,599$1,481,216
Change in net assets from activities$815,119$1,406,952

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