Above and Beyond

In the past year we’ve all read and heard so much about COVID. Nowhere is this more true than in the healthcare arena. It is important to remember, though, that this challenge is not something that we’ve done instead of the day-to-day business of helping people be healthy, but in addition to it. Associates of HaysMed have risen to the challenge. We’d like to take a moment to share a few of the responses our associates have demonstrated to maintaining quality of care for our patients and one another.

Jaylea Black is a member of the continuing care department who provides social work services in HaysMed’s Dreiling Schmidt Cancer Institute. Jaylea has been helping a patient who has special needs. Catalogs of any kind provide a good distraction and comfort to him. Having noticed he read all the catalogs that were available, Jaylea mobilized her fellow associates to bring catalogs to her, and they delivered! When this patient had to start radiation, he had a lot of anxiety. Jaylea sat with him during his radiation simulation. She made him a story book specific to his learning style which provided him the sequential steps about the process. The patient’s caregivers continue to express their gratitude for the added thought and care Jaylea provides.

Director of Emergency Nursing Services Tammie Williams, Dr. Rob Miller and the whole ER team worked together to develop a plan that would provide the best care for a sudden influx of patients. The staff created additional triage space, initiated mock drills, and worked as a team to make sure they were prepared. Human Resources Benefit Coordinator Angela Wilhite has been recognized by her peers for her extraordinary support while transitioning to a new benefits plan. Communications Center Director Jaci Gottschalk stepped in to help with the Red Cross blood drive at HaysMed when volunteers were short-handed.

These are just a few of the

everyday heroes that

continue to rise above

extraordinary challenges.

Education Staff Development Coordinator Miran Krannawitter has worked many extra hours helping Great Bend during their training for a new medical records system and is now coordinating the same efforts for Hays and Pawnee Valley. Miller Medical Pavilion Pharmacy Supervisor Kim Meier was recently recognized for going out of her way by checking insurance coverage, rebate programs, or websites to make all medications as affordable as possible. Physical Therapy Assistant Stephanie Carlin has been volunteering for two years to facilitate outreach services in Rush County. HaysMed Birthing Center Lactation Specialist Jill Rozean’s exceptional customer service inspired a young couple to make their first gift to the HaysMed Foundation’s Women’s Center Fund. Food Services and Environmental Services Director John Fitzthum, upon learning of an inpatient’s landmark anniversary, came in on a Saturday to personally provide them a steak dinner in their room since they could not go out to celebrate.

The people pictured are just a few of the everyday heroes that continue to rise above extraordinary challenges. Each of these groups represents dozens and dozens more just like them. There is no way to list everyone and every amazing example of selfless service. Rest assured that despite all the added precautions, the new regulations, and the uncertainty and changing landscape that have been heaped on top of the already challenging environment of protecting our health across a large geographic area, our people continue to prove their dedication to the care of those in their charge.