The HaysMed Foundation is a separate legal entity from HaysMed and is the designated depository and trustee for all current and future charitable gift assets to HaysMed. Sixteen community volunteers serve as Board members.

HaysMed Foundation Executive Board

  • President - Chris Wente
  • Vice President - Alaina Cunningham
  • Treasurer - Mark McCullick
  • Secretary - Julie Rider


  • Chris Brungardt
  • Nancy Curtis
  • Michele Flax
  • TJ Gottschalk
  • Wayne Kieffer
  • Thomas McDonald, MD
  • Kay Patterson
  • Patrick Scott
  • Brennan Uehling, DC
  • David Van Doren
  • Eric Wagner
  • Edward Herrman, MD, HaysMed President and CEO


  • Jeffrey C. Brull, Executive Director
  • George Harms, CFO
  • Pam Mayers, Director of Governance