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Archive for March 2019

National Doctors’ Day: March 30

We are excited to celebrate National Doctor’s Day each year.  We take this opportunity to thank our HaysMed physicians for their commitment to providing expert and compassionate care for our patients.  Our celebration is just one day, but we hope they know that our gratitude lasts all year long! This stunning Red Dress, created by…

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Opioid Epidemic: Our Community Response

The opioid epidemic is considered the deadliest drug crisis in American history. Every day 110 Americans die from drug related overdoses. Prescription and illicit opioids are driving the U.S. drug overdose epidemic – accounting for 66 percent of drug poisoning deaths nationwide according in 2016 to the Center for Disease Control. HaysMed, part of the…

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“Lotusland” Graces Hospice Office


Local artist Doloris (Pfeifer) Pederson recently donated the original oil painting “Lotusland” which she created while visiting the botanical garden of the same name outside Santa Barbara, CA. The gift hangs in the newly relocated Hospice area at HaysMed as a tribute of celebration to the artist’s parents, Pater A. and Rosa Pfeifer and their…

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Don and Chris Bickle Philanthropy Award Announced

Don and Chris Bickle

Beginning this year, the HaysMed Foundation will bestow a special annual recognition to a benefactor that has demonstrated leadership through investment in the programs and people of HaysMed. It is fitting that this award serves both to honor its inductees as well as inspire the proliferation of their passionate support. This year’s awardees are Don…

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Planning your Legacy

An old Chinese proverb says that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, and the second-best time is today. If you didn’t take inventory of your assets and plan your legacy twenty years ago, you are not too late. The second-best time to do it is today. Even if you did,…

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The View from Here

For those fortunate to have known “The Audubon of Moths,” Dr. John Cody, it was not hard to grow in wisdom just being around him. To a class of eight-year-olds he once reportedly said, “Forget the condor, snow leopard, and panda. Pick some little musquash, guib, or buzzing thingamajig that nobody thinks about.

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Little Wonders

In Rob Thomas’ 2007 song, Little Wonders, he refers to our lives being made of twists and turns of fate, small hours and little wonders. He alludes to the idea that the little things we experience each day make us who we are. When we think about the work of HaysMed and the HaysMed Foundation,…

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