New CT Scanner Improves Patient Care

DSCI CT Scanner

Mark Richmeier, CT Technologist, Lindsey Fox, Medical Physicist and Hayley Pletcher,
Radiation Therapist appreciate the features the new CT scanner offers their patients.

The staff of HaysMed’s Dreiling-Schmidt Cancer Institute (DSCI) takes pride in providing outstanding patient care. We recognize that the best possible patient care is the result of a combination of resources that all work well together. This spring, DSCI installed a new CT scanner used to plan our patients’ radiation therapies. The new large-bore scanner is not only more comfortable for patients, but also allows higher resolution, more accurate images with less contrast and space for optimal positioning. Often times scans can be distorted by metal artifacts like artificial limbs or dental work, but software in the new scanner removes distortions like these making the identification of the treatment area very accurate. This results in a better experience for patients, minimizing radiation exposure to the areas where it will be most beneficial.

The new scanner was not part of any capital campaign. It was funded, in large part, by the Leo J. and Albina Dreiling Trust Endowment at the HaysMed Foundation, along with gifts from hundreds of individual donors over the years to the DSCI. To make an impact like this to DSCI or to an area of HaysMed about which you are passionate, contact the HaysMed Foundation.